Apex Comparator compare multiple object fields

Sorting a list of Analysis messages first by boolean and then integer. First we will order by condition and then order. All records where condition is true is will be on top in descending order on top followed by all false condition in descending order.

SummaryAnalysisMessages object to sort

public class SummaryAnalysisMessages {
		private String title;
		private String description;
		private Integer order;
		private Boolean condition;

		public SummaryAnalysisMessages(String title, String description, Integer order, Boolean condition){
			this.title = title;
			this.description = description;
			this.order = order;
			this.condition = condition;

		public Boolean getCondition(){
			return condition;

		public Integer getOrder(){
			return order;

Compare object by condition and then order

public class SummaryAnalysisMessagesCompare extends App_Comparator {
    public override Integer compare(Object a, Object b) {
			SummaryAnalysisMessages aSummaryMessage = (SummaryAnalysisMessages)a;
			SummaryAnalysisMessages bSummaryMessage = (SummaryAnalysisMessages)b;

      Integer summaryMessage1 = aSummaryMessage.getCondition() ? 1 : 0;
      Integer summaryMessage2 = bSummaryMessage.getCondition() ? 1 : 0;

			Integer compareInt = summaryMessage2 - summaryMessage1;
      if (compareInt == 0) {
          compareInt = aSummaryMessage.getOrder() - bSummaryMessage.getOrder();
      return compareInt;

Test class to test order

@isTest static void testSummaryAnalysisMessagesCompare(){
		SummaryAnalysisMessages summaryAnalysisMessage1 = new App_Chart.SummaryAnalysisMessages('1', '', 1, false);
		SummaryAnalysisMessages summaryAnalysisMessage2 = new App_Chart.SummaryAnalysisMessages('2', '', 2, true);
		SummaryAnalysisMessages summaryAnalysisMessage3 = new App_Chart.SummaryAnalysisMessages('3', '', 3, false);
		SummaryAnalysisMessages summaryAnalysisMessage4 = new App_Chart.SummaryAnalysisMessages('4', '', 4, true);

		List<SummaryAnalysisMessages> assetAllocationSummaryList = new List<SummaryAnalysisMessages>{summaryAnalysisMessage1, summaryAnalysisMessage2, summaryAnalysisMessage3, summaryAnalysisMessage4};

		App_Comparator.sort(assetAllocationSummaryList, new App_Chart.SummaryAnalysisMessagesCompare());
		System.assertEquals(assetAllocationSummaryList.get(0).getOrder(), 2);
		System.assertEquals(assetAllocationSummaryList.get(1).getOrder(), 4);
		System.assertEquals(assetAllocationSummaryList.get(2).getOrder(), 1);
		System.assertEquals(assetAllocationSummaryList.get(3).getOrder(), 3);

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