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  1. Hello Thys,

    I was trying compare configuration in Datapower XI50 using SOMA interface dp:get-diff.

    I am facing a weird problem now though. I was able to compare the configuration, however, it is not working as mentioned in the documentation.This is what I did:

    1) Took a backup (Export of entire domain) and put it in the temp folder
    2) Then added an xml firewall(named it as XYZfirewall) and saved config
    3) Took the base 64 encoded value of the backup and compared it “to” the persisted configuration

    Ideally, it should show me XYZfirewall new = “true” and all the objects related to that firewall (xml mngr, firewall policy, rules, actions etc) new = “true”

    However, apart from the above being shown true, it also showed almost every other item in a list of 200 objects new =”true”.

    No one else was using that box at that time. To double check, I also went to web-gui and compared it “from” backup to persisted configuration and web-gui showed me exactly what I changed.

    What could I be missing?

    My main motive is to be able to compare config using script so that I can use in a way to track configuration changes.



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