Using WebSphere Transformation Extender inside Sterling Integrator

BM® WebSphere® Transformation Extender, formerly called DataStage TX, and hereafter referred to as WebSphere TX, has been part of the IBM WebSphere portfolio since 2005. WebSphere TX maps provide complex, any-to-any and many-to-many transformation capabilities that can be executed standalone or embedded into other IBM products such as WebSphere Message Broker, WebSphere ESB, and WebSphere DataPower® SOA Appliances.

In August of 2010, IBM purchased Sterling Commerce. Its Sterling Integrator product enables enterprise and B2B integration through a single solution, handling EDI and XML side-by-side to integrate order retrieval and processing. Sterling Integrator offers a number of transformation or translation options including XSLT and support for proprietary maps developed using the Sterling Integrator Map Editor. It also enables you to develop additional services using its Software Development Kit.

This article describes a WebSphere TX Extender for Sterling Integrator. It does not cover how to develop a Sterling Integrator service — for information on that, see the MESA Developer Studio documentation.

3 thoughts on “Using WebSphere Transformation Extender inside Sterling Integrator

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