Websphere Transformation Extender Partner Manager Tutorial- Define ODBC Data Source

Trading Manager uses a relational database to store information about tradingpartners, routing instructions, access privileges, document tracking and tradingrelationships. A sample Microsoft Access database is included with the PartnerManager installation.

1. From the Windows Start menu, select Settings → Control Panel →Administrative Tools → Data Sources ODBC.The ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog opens.

2. Select the System DSN tab, and then click the Add button.The Create New Data Source dialog opens.

3. Select Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb) from the list box, and then click Finish.The ODBC Microsoft Access Setup dialog opens.

4. In the Data Source Name field, enter the following information:TradingManagerTutorial5. Click Select.The Select Database dialog opens.

6. Navigate to C:\install_dir\<tmgr_vn.n\pmgr and select the tmgrnn.mdb file.

7. Click OK.The Select Database dialog closes. The new entry, TradingManagerTutorial, isnow displayed in the ODBC Data Source Administration dialog in the SystemData Sources list box.

8. Click OK.The ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog closes and the System DataSource Name is defined.

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