Cast Iron Websphere MQ integration Flow

How to integrate Websphere MQ integration flow with Cast Iron tutorial.

Before starting this tutorial make sure that you have the MQ jar files added to the -> Install Module Providers Menu

Step 1: Create a Websphere MQ endpoint by specifying the following information:

  • Websphere MQ hostname
  • Websphere MQ port
  • Queue Manager Name
  • Server Connection Channel Name
  • MQ Privilege User – Username
  • MQ Privilege User – Password

Step 2:  On Websphere MQ Explorer create the following:

  • Local Queue
  • Create Server Connection Channel

Step 3: Create your integration Flow

Step 4: Specify the the MQ Endpoint as one create in Step 1

Step 5: Create the input and output maps for the two activities.

Step 6: Verify and test the integration flow.


  1. Deepak says:

    Thanks for the info and apologies for bothering you , How do I specify the password for the MQ user when defining the MQ endpoint? We have security turned on MQ so we need to authenticate .

  2. Thys Michels says:

    I just checked in the Cast Iron IDE and also searched on the web I can’t find anywhere you can specify a password. Maybe you need to add the password to the MQ jar you imported. Not sure about this, best will be to contact IBM directly.

  3. Ed Howard says:

    I wonder was there any progress on security issue. While I do not want to provide a password, I do want to connection to WMQ server & have authorisation to selected queues. However Ci documentation suggests user is required to be in MQM group, but this would give all to all queues , which I am not allowed do…..

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