Swift MT202,MT103 and PAIN transformation maps in WTX

When you want to transform any data to SWIFT you can use WTX Design Studio to this in an easy and fast way. With NO PRORAMMING you can create a transformation map.

When acquiring the SWIFT industry pack you will have access to the following type trees:

Below I have an example of transforming a Cobol file to SWITF MT202 Core:

To transform all that you need to do is drag the field in the input card to the rule field in the output card.

This can also be done for MT103 transformations and looks like the following:

PAIN Type trees looks like the following:

Importing the type tree as shown below to create a transformation map will look like the following:

For more information on WTX Industry Packs please visit:


6 Comments on “Swift MT202,MT103 and PAIN transformation maps in WTX”

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