Configure Websphere Business Space for Websphere Registry and Repository

Configure Websphere Business Space for Websphere Registry and Repository V7.

Step 1: Start wsadmin using the following command. Please specify your WAS username ([username]) and password([password]) below if security is enabled for your WSRR profile. Navigate to your C:\Program Files\IBM\Websphere\AppServer\WSRRvr01\bin:

wsadmin.bat -username [username] -password [password] -lang jython

Step 2: Install the business space application using the following command: (Specify the your own Node (THYSMNode1) and server (server1))

wsadmin>AdminTask.installBusinessSpace([‘-nodeName’, ‘THYSMNode1’, ‘-serverName’, ‘server1’])

Step 3: Save the Administration Configuration


Step 4: Log into your Websphere Application server and navigate to Applications->Websphere enterprise applications and you must see the following applications:

Step 5: Navigate back to wsadmin command prompt and run the Business Space Deploy Status to make sure Business Space was successfully installed:

wsadmin>AdminTask.getBusinessSpaceDeployStatus([‘-nodeName’, ‘THYSMNode1’, ‘-serverName’, ‘server1’])

Step 6: Configure the Business Space application by navigate to following file:

C:\Program Files\IBM\Websphere\AppServer\WSRR\BusinessSpace\config.bspace\MetadataFiles\

Open the properties file and edit the following settings:

wasHome=C:\Program Files\IBM\Websphere\AppServer







Step 7: Run the ConfigBusinessSpace command:

wsadmin>AdminTask.configureBusinessSpace([‘-nodeName’,’THYSMNode1′, ‘-serverName’, ‘server1’, ‘-bspacedbDesign’,’C:\\Program Files\\IBM\\Websphere\\AppServer\\WSRR\\BusinessSpace\\config.bspace\\MetadataFiles\\’])

Step 8: Save Administration Configuration:


Step 9: Create the database for Business Space by executing the following .bat file:

cd C:\Program Files\IBM\Websphere\AppServer\WSRR\dbscripts\BusinessSpace\thkdespretsNode01_server1\DB2\BSPACE

configBusinessSpaceDB.bat createDB

Step 10: Navigate back to Websphere Application Server, Resources ->JDBC->Data Sources and see the following Datasource is created.

Step 11: Navigate to

Resources -> Resource Environment -> Resource Environment Providers, click on Mashups_Endpoints

Change the following 2 resource settings:

{}WSRRServerId.url : https://localhost:9454/ServiceRegistry

{}WSRRServerFeedsId.url: https://localhost:9454/ServiceRegistryFeeds/WSRR/7.0/

Step 12: Test if business space is successfully installed, navigate to the following URL using your browser:


Configure your business space to show relevant business information from your WSRR Server:

2 thoughts on “Configure Websphere Business Space for Websphere Registry and Repository

  1. I ran into a NullPointerException after accessing the /BusinessSpace which gets forwarded to mum/bootstrap/login.jsp

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