XML Spy 2010 Datapower plugin

The following plugin will work for XML Spy 2008 – 2010 but not XML Spy 2010 rel 2.

Below is the XML Spy Datapower plugin executable:


Please rename the .doc to .exe after downloading.

Double click on the setup.exe to install the plug-in. The plug-in will be automatically installed and a pop-up window will indicate if the installation was successful or not.

After successful installation, open up XML Spy and click on the Tools -> Datapower XA35 Menu as seen below.

Configure Datapower XA35 by specifying:

1. Datapower IP Address

2. XSL Coprocessor Port Number

3. Datapower Username and Password

See image below for configurations:

On the Datapower side, log in as administrator and open the XSL Co-processor port as specified in XML Spy.

Go to Service -> XSL Co-processor service and create a new service, specify the same IP address and port number as specified in XML Spy.

Configure XML Spy to run all XSL files through Datapower for testing purposes and to check for WS-I compliance.

Go to the Tool->Options menu item and click on the XSL Tab, select Datapower XA35.