MQ File Transfer Edition Error and Trace Handling

MQ File Transfer Edition Error and Trace Handling

The following are the trace levels that can be specified:

1. off

2. flow

3. moderate

4. verbose

5. all

Step 1: Set Agent Trace Level

Run the following command on Agent AGT1WIN, select your specific trace level:

fteSetAgentTraceLevel -traceLevel all AGT1WIN

Step 2: View Trace file

Navigate to: *\WMQFTE\config\QM_COORD1\agents\AGT1WIN\logs

Optional is to enable trace only for specific criteria:

Only enable trace for a specific transfer:

fteCreateTransfer -trace “” -sa AGT1WIN -da AGT1LIN_XXX -dm QM_AGENTHOST2 -sd leave -t binary -de overwrite -dd “/tmp” “C:\student\*.jpg”

View the new trace by navigating to: *\WMQFTE\config\ QM_COORD1\agents\AGT1WIN\logs

Disable trace by setting trace level to off:

fteSetAgentTraceLevel -traceLevel off AGT1WIN