Increase business flexibility with the Service Integration Maturity Model

Do you lack flexibility in your organization between business and IT?Identify your organization in one or all of the seven stages of Maturity for each part of your organization.

  1. Silo (data integration)
  2. Integrated (application integration)
  3. Componentized (functional integration)
  4. Simple services (process integration)
  5. Composite services (supply-chain integration)
  6. Virtualized services ( virtual infrastructure)
  7. Dynamically reconfigurable services (eco-system integration)

Map your organization following the CMMI levels for each stage of SIMM.

  1. Incomplete
  2. Performed
  3. Managed
  4. Defined
  5. Quantitatively managed
  6. Optimizing

After SIMM is completed define the scope of your SOA adoption:

To achieve an optimal level of flexibility when architecting a service-oriented infrastructure, it’s wise to adhere to the seven steps of maturity that we’ve discussed. Doing this, combined with attention to the capabilities described in the Capability Maturity Model Integration, will enable you to develop a well-defined and usable architecture.