Datapower Deployment Scenarios

This article explains on the Datapower Deployment Scenarios and their specific functions inside an enterprise environment.

1. Lab environment – this is an isolated environment that allows testing of any major new firmware release features to be tested without any impact on ongoing development streams. This assist change management of new features and testing new feature before implementation.

2. Development environment – this is an very common practice to isolate Datapower service development to a dedicated environment. This will usually be an single appliance for developers as an black sandbox to develop as well as do project-specific configurations.

3. Testing environment – this is an isolated test environment from the development environment mentioned above. This environment is used to test all developed services. The appliance provide easy to service migration between appliances and domains.

4. Staging environment – the environment allows testing pre-releases, or rolling new releases into production. The environment is used to do performance testing to determine sizing and scaling of production appliances.

5. Production environment – appliances in the production environment can be deployed as a cluster in an active/passive configuration or active/active configuration. Appliances can balance traffic to target servers using the Application Optimization feature.

6. DR environment – Many organization require full data center failover to a second fully equipped site. The DR environment will provide failover appliance.

WebSphere Datapower Failover Considerations

Below is the following Datapower Considerations:

Consideration 1:

The active appliance owns VIP 1 with high priority. Upon failover, standby appliance assumes VIP 1 traffic.

Consideration 2:

Load Balancer is used to spray traffic across VIP 1 and VIP 2. Upon failure the active appliance assumes the failed VIP.

Consideration 3:

Using multi-box management utility like WAS 7 Admin to push the configuration to Master appliance. Configuration changes propagate automatically to any Slave appliance.