Planning your Salesforce Chatter Deployment

Planning your Chatter Deployment

Step 1: Use Case Definition

  • Define the business problem/opportunity to address
  • Consider the current landscape when defining the use cases

Step 2: Define the team

  • Identify the necessary roles / responsibilities
  • Team members should include project roles and ongoing support

Step 3: Change Management

  • Communication planning, sponsors and evangelist engagement
  • Define user guidelines – do’s and don’ts

   4. Training

  • Determine adoption campaign and ongoing communication
  • Focus on the ‘why’ more the ‘how’

  5. Adoption Planning

  • Develop an adoption campaign and ongoing communication
  • Adoption requires ongoing nurturing that should be planned fro

  6. Support/Moderation

  • Define the approach for supporting users and moderating use
  • Supporting effort will vary based on number and savvy-ness of users