Datapower RBM Active Directory Members

When you want to enable Active Directory Login with Datapower and your members are part of a Group you need to add the following to your LDAP Search Credintials:

Name:                ldapsearch

LDAP Base DN:        ou=groups,dc=ibm,dc=com

LDAP Filter Prefix:  (&(member=

LDAP Filter Suffix:  )(|(cn=administrators)(cn=architects)(cn=operations)))

Datapower disable RBM to login to appliance

If you have set RBM and you can’t log into your Datapower appliance:

Open a an SSH session and login to your appliance (if SSH is enable on appliance)

Putty -> <DataPower IP> -> Port 22 -> enter Super Admin Username and Password

Execute to following commands to reset RBM:


xi50 (config)>rbm

xi50(config rbm)>reset

xi50(config rbm)>exit