eyeOS – Open Source Cloud Operating System

With eyeOS framework you will create applications that will run on a Web Desktop. To develop applications is more easy and reduce Time to Market thanks to our toolkit. And you won’t to have to worry about incompatibilities with different web browsers. With eyeOS 2.0 we have increased the speed performance, javascript has been improved and cache system has been created to reduce server workloads.

This means that by using the web browser of any computer or mobile telephone, you can edit or display your files (photos, music, movies, documents, presentations, etc.) and see them just as you left them the last time you accessed the system, regardless of whether you are at home or in an Internet café abroad. In short, your data are stored on the network rather than in a specific location.

The main difference between EyeOs and the majority of cloud computing services is that they ask for your data and they give you the service in exchange for it. Because EyeOs is free software, you can decide where you keep your server and, more importantly, your data. We do not ask you to send us your data and you can install EyeOs in an environment that is completely under your control