Websphere Message Broker JMS flow

Below is a basic Websphere Message Broker JMS flow using Websphere MQ JMS.

Setup of Websphere MQ for JMS flow:

Step 1: Create JMS Initial Context

Step 2: Create Connection Factory

Specify the WMB Queue Manager as the JMS Queue Manager

Easy way to JMS Queues it to create a Lcoal Queue and right clicking on it and selecting ‘Create JMS Queue’

Step 3: Specify a JMS Destination

Step 4: Deploy and Test the flow

JMS flow is great for integrating with Websphere Application Server where an application executes code and put the result on a JMS queue, the JMS picks the information up and processes by doing validation, transformation and mediation.

Important to note is that Websphere Message Broker only supports Websphere JMS and no other JMS provider.

Deploying message-driven beans and JMS applications into the Service Integration Bus

The Service Integration Bus can be used as a backbone for enterprise messaging, a key component to Service-Oriented Architecture. This article shows how IBM® WebSphere® Application Server V6 makes it easy to build message buses and deploy applications, and how IBM Rational® Application Developer enables developers to create and test JMS applications that communicate using the message bus.