Hadoop in Practice

I had the privilege to get an early release of the Hadoop in Practice book from Manning Publishers. The book has the following chapters:

Table of Contents
  1: Getting started – FREE

Part I: Data Logistics
  2: Moving Data in and out of Hadoop
  3: Data Serialization: Working with Text and BeyondPart II: Big Data Patterns
  4: Applying MapReduce Patterns to Big Data
  5: Streamlining HDFS for Big Data
  6: Measuring and Optimizing Performance

Part III: Data Science
  7: Utilizing Data Structures and Algorithms
  8. Applying Statistics
  9. Machine Learning

Part IV: Taming the Elephant
10. Hive
11. Pig
12. Crunch and Other Technologies
13. Testing and Debugging
14: Job Coordination
15. Proficient Administration

  A: Related Technologies
  B: Hadoop Built-in Ingress and Egress Tools
  C: HDFS Dissected
  D: Optimized MapReduce Join Frameworks

If you are new to Hadoop or a manager and want to learn how Hadoop can help solve your big data challenges then this book is for you.

You can purchase the book online here:

Great investment and lots of great content.

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