WebSphere Transformation Extender MQ PUT in IF statement

Call a MQ PUT or Get in a WTX Input or output card with an IF statement:

IF ( Field1 < Field2, PUT("MQS","-QMN QM1 -QN WTX.OUT -DH", LEFT(PACKAGE(MessageDescriptor2 Header:In2),348)+PACKAGE(IndexNumber)+RIGHT(PACKAGE(MessageDescriptor2 Header:In2),12)+TEXT(In1) ),PUT("MQS","-QMN QM1 -QN WTX.OUT -DH", LEFT(PACKAGE(MessageDescriptor2 Header:In3),348)+PACKAGE(IndexNumber)+RIGHT(PACKAGE(MessageDescriptor2 Header:In3),12)+TEXT(In1) ))

The WTX statement will test if Field 1 is bigger than Field 2 if True it will put the content of the message built onto a queue using the PUT command. The "MQS" tells WTX to use the MQ Adapter and -QMN specifies Queue Manager and QN specifies Queue Name.