Tooling API IDE

Cloudsole Developer is an easy way to develop Salesforce apex classes, triggers, components and visualforce pages. It uses the salesforce API to access your code in a safe and secure way.

Some of the functionality of the IDE:

  • Create new Apex Triggers Classes, Visualforce Pages & Components
  • Select from a list of predefined templates to create class stubs
  • Code debugger
  • Run Anonymous Apex Code
  • Run SOQL queries
  • Run Batch queries
  • Metadata viewer and download
  • Code Metrics Dashboard API Used:

  • OAuth
  • Tooling API
  • Batch API
  • Metadata API

Create new Triggers, Apex Classes, Visualforce Pages and Components:


Code Editor:


Run Anonymous Apex Code:


Code Dashboard:


Run SOQL Queries:


Create Batch Jobs:

CloudSoleBatchJob IDE MavensMate for the serious Apex developer

You are frustrated with coding Apex in Eclipse because it is slow or you are coding in the browser 😦 not the best thing when you close the window and loose all your code…to the rescue MavensMate. MavensMate is an IDE is an add-on project running on Sublime Text 2. I have been using MavensMate for a while now and have seen a great benefit in time, auto completion (less time typing) and just easier all in one experience from coding, testing to deployment.

The following functionality is awesome:
1. Code completion
2. Quick code search
3. When code is saved, validation takes a few seconds (compared to Eclipse it is faster)
4. Testing code inside MavensMate is a breeze and you can play games while waiting for it to complete.
5. Direct integration to your Git repository.
6. Create new files (Apex or Visualforce) from inside a Project
7. Easy to run Anonymous Apex code.
8. Easy to deploy code to different SFDC environments.
9. Manage your metadata between environments.
10. Great documentation to explain how to use MavensMate.

I recommend MavensMate to all serious Apex developers. Follow these steps below to get started:

CurlCommander IDE V1- Manage Curl Commands with ease

If you work with Datapower allot you will know that you need curl to send an request to datapower. This is done using the command line. I am busy developing a GUI that will make it easy to execute curl commands for a specific Datapower XML Firewall or multi protocol gateway.

This is the design of CurlCommander and is still in beta.

So what functionality will CurlCommander have:
1. Add Datapower appliances to an easy to use dropdown box.
2. Ping the appliance, XML firewall or multi protocol gateway.
3. Telnet to the appliance, XML firewall or multi protocol gateway.
4. Select a specific curl command to execute from an easy to use dropdown box.
5. Upload certificates when sending curl command over secure http (https).
6. Open the curl output in: Notepad, Eclipse, XML Spy, NetBeans or your browser.
7. Show a graphical representation of input into the appliance and output. This will be a great way to graphically see if the curl command actually accessed the appliance.

The next step will be to add Datapower Web Services commands which can be executed.

Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas I will gladly add them.