Setup IBM HTTP Server for Websphere Application Server V7

How to Setup IBM HTTP Server for WAS V7:

Step 1: Navigate to Server->Server Types->Web Server -> New

Complete the following information:

1. Provide a name for your HTTP Server

2. Select HTTP Server Type

3. Hostname or IP address

4. Platform

Step 2: Select Web Server Template

Step 3: Specify username and password and confirm all auto completed  fields are correct.

Step 4: Navigate to Window Services and start HTTP Server and HTTP Server Administration Services.

Step 5: Confirm Web Server has started successfully showing a green arrow (as seen below)

Step 6: Generate Plug-in by selecting you web server and clicking on ‘Generate Plug-in’

Step 7: Select Web Server and click ‘Propogate Plug-in’

Step 8: Test HTTP Server plug-in was succesfull, open the browser and open: http://<WAS_HOST_NAME>/hitcount