Manage Datapower appliance through Websphere Application Server

It is now easy to manage your Datapower appliance with Websphere Application Server V7. You can administer your appliance through the usual Application Server which created a web defined abstraction layer between the appliance and it management interfaces. If you are a operator or need to monitor your appliance the WAS interface will work for you. If you want to more advance development you will have to still do it through the Datapower GUI or CLI.

How to create a Datapower Server in Websphere Application Server:
Step 1: First create a Cell environment after installing your WAS, or run the pmt (profile management tool) to create a new profile.

Log into your WAS admin console and expand the servers ->Datapower menu:

Click on the Appliance link and add the Host Name, Administration Port, User ID and Password for the appliance:

On the appliance configure the XML Administration port as 5550.

What can you Datapower function are available in the WAS administration?
1. Manage Datapower firmware version.
2. Manage set, manages 2 or more appliance firmware that are in a cluster and needs to be kept in sync.
3. Appliance Manager settings specific the global settings for an Datapower appliance. Set the maximum versions stored and in what directory to store them.

4. Tasks are long running requests that you ask the appliance manager to process.