AIX X Window Server

How to setup X Window for AIX for installation of WebSphere products with an user interface:

Step 1: Download XMing:

Step 2: Install XMing and start the XMing Launch:

Step 3: Select Xming to start Xming process

Step 4: Open SSH and export display (first execute the “who” command to see where to export the display):

> export

Step 5: Run your .sh install and wait for the interface to open.

AIX Command Controller

VentureTech – (┬áhas launched an exciting new product for AIX Command Administration in a easy and efficient way by saving time and money with command line commands. The AIX Command Controller program will provide customer with the ease of getting all the commands in one easy to use interface.

Download the latest version of AIX Command Controller at:

Install Websphere Message Broker V7 on AIX

Install Websphere Message Broker V7 on AIX:

FTP all the relevant files to your AIX machine, this software includes:

1. Websphere MQ for AIX

2. Websphere Message Broker for AIX

Websphere MQ must first be installed before attempting to install WMB as WMB requires lib files from MQ.

Step 1: Open a command window and extract Websphere MQ, next run: sudo smitty

Step 2: Define the file path location of MQ for AIX: /installs/WebsphereMQ

Step 3: Define the “ALL” software needs to be installed and change the license agreement to “YES”

Step 4: Successful install of Websphere MQ

Install Webphere Message Broker:

Step 1: Open command line and navigate to the messagebroker1_runtime folder

Step 2: Run the following commnad: sudo ./setupaix -console

Step 3: Go through the Broker Wizard and confirm that Broker was installed successfully.

After installation navigate to: /opt/mqsi/7.0/bin

Run the following command: sudo ./ mqsicreatebroker WBRK_DEV -q WMQ_DEV

Confirm that broker has been created successfully.

Confirm that you MQ QueueManager listerner was created and started, if it was not started use the following command:

runmqlsr -t tcp -p 1414 -m WMQ_DEV

See link for more information:

Run the following command to start the broker: sudo ./mqsistart WBRK_DEV

Run the following command to see if broker and QM has started: sudo ./mqsilist

If all this has been done, add a remote broker definition to your Websphere Message Broker Toolkit and also a Remote Queue Manager to your Websphere MQ or Broker Explorer.

Linux, AIX, UNIX Cheat Sheets

This is a compilation of approx 70 cheat sheets for Linux users. There are a grip load of commands that Linux users have at hand which can seem very daunting to a novice. This collection will make Linux just a little less of a headache to learn.—the-ultimate-collection/