Import WSRR Configuration into WSRR 7 using WSRR Studio

When Websphere Registry and Repository V7 is installed no Configuration is loaded and must be done through the WSRR Studio. I will show you the steps to install the Configuration Project.

Step 1. Make sure that Websphere Registry and Repository V7 is installed and running.
Step 2. Open Websphere Registry and Repository Studio
Step 3. Create a connection to you WSRR Server. Navigate to Window->Preference->Websphere Registry and Repository
Complete the following information, please add you own username and password:

Click on ‘Test Connection’ button to make sure the connection is successful.

Step 4. Make sure that you have admin rights to the WSRR Server, check the WSRR Connection below and make sure Administration says ‘Yes’ that is necessary to load new configurations.

Step 5: Create Artifacts for created WSRR Configuration.

Step 6: Import New Configuration into WSRR Server.

Step 7: See the results, multiple users and models created in WSRR Server.