Apex generate a hash value for encrypting and decrypting emails

String cryptoSalt='249D5EC76175B12A';
Blob cryptoKey=Blob.valueof('J@NcRfUjXn2r5u8x/A?D(G-KaPdSgVkY');
Blob cryptoIv =Blob.valueof('4t6w9z$C&F)J@NcR');

Blob data = Blob.valueOf('youremail@gmail.com'+cryptoSalt);
Blob encryptedData = Crypto.encrypt('AES256', cryptoKey, cryptoIv, data);
String encodeDataHex = EncodingUtil.convertToHex(encryptedData);
System.debug('>>> encodeDataHex >>> ' + encodeDataHex);

String encodeData = EncodingUtil.base64Encode(encryptedData);
System.debug('>>> encodeData >>> ' + encodeData);

// Decrypt the data - the first 16 bytes contain the initialization vector
Blob decodeData = EncodingUtil.base64Decode(encodeData);
Blob decryptedData = Crypto.decrypt('AES256', cryptoKey, cryptoIv, decodeData);

// Decode the decrypted data for subsequent use
String decryptedDataString = decryptedData.toString();
System.debug('>>> ' + decryptedDataString);

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