Jax-rs Basic Authentication using HeaderParam

@Consumes({ MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON })
@Api(value = "/v1/docs", description = "Docs Service" )
public interface DocumentService {

    @ApiOperation(value = "Docs Service",
            notes = "Create Salesforce Account, Contact"
    @ApiResponses(value = {
            @ApiResponse(code = 500, message = "Unexpected failure")
    void uploadAndDeleteDocumentFromSalesforceAndUpdateCase(@PathParam("caseId") String caseId, 
                                                            @PathParam("emailMessageid") String emailMessageid,  
                                                            @HeaderParam("authorization") String authentication);
public class DocumentServiceImpl implements DocumentService {

    private static final Logger logger = org.slf4j.LoggerFactory.getLogger(DocumentServiceImpl.class);

    private String sfDocsUsername;

    private String sfDocsPassword;

    public synchronized void uploadAndDeleteDocumentFromSalesforceAndUpdateCase(String caseId, String emailMessageId, String authentication) {
        } else {
            logger.error("caseId {} emailId {} authentication failed {}", caseId, emailMessageId, authentication);

    public boolean isUserAuthenticated(String authString){
        if (authString!=null){
            String[] authParts = authString.split("\\s+");
            String authInfo = authParts[1];
            byte[] bytes  =  DatatypeConverter.parseBase64Binary(authInfo);
            String decodedAuth = new String(bytes);
            String[] userNameAndPassword = decodedAuth.split(":");
            if (userNameAndPassword[0].equals(sfDocsUsername) && userNameAndPassword[1].equals(sfDocsPassword)){
                return true;
            } else
                logger.info("isUserAuthenticated did not match decodedAuth {} username {}", decodedAuth, sfDocsUsername+":"+sfDocsPassword);
        return false;

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