Tooling API IDE

Cloudsole Developer is an easy way to develop Salesforce apex classes, triggers, components and visualforce pages. It uses the salesforce API to access your code in a safe and secure way.

Some of the functionality of the IDE:

  • Create new Apex Triggers Classes, Visualforce Pages & Components
  • Select from a list of predefined templates to create class stubs
  • Code debugger
  • Run Anonymous Apex Code
  • Run SOQL queries
  • Run Batch queries
  • Metadata viewer and download
  • Code Metrics Dashboard API Used:

  • OAuth
  • Tooling API
  • Batch API
  • Metadata API

Create new Triggers, Apex Classes, Visualforce Pages and Components:


Code Editor:


Run Anonymous Apex Code:


Code Dashboard:


Run SOQL Queries:


Create Batch Jobs:


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  1. Chirag Mehta says:

    Glad to see finally a free and online IDE coming up that too using Tooling API. Thank you and keep the good working going. May be go for domain to host the IDE.

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