CloudSole Data Management Tool

Spring MVC REST API Data Management Application

Try it now:

CloudSole is your cloud console to query, create, update and delete any record in your Salesforce org. This web application uses Spring MVC, REST API.

## Running the application locally

Setup OAuth Remote Access in

1. Go to's Setup page
2. Go to Develop -> Remote Access
3. Add a new Remote Access config with a URL of: `http://localhost:8080/_auth`

Add environment variables for authenticating to (replace the values with the ones from the Remote Access definition on

– On Linux/Mac:

$ export OAUTH_CLIENT_KEY=3MVM3_GuVCQ3gmEE5al72RmBfiAWhBX5O2wYc9zTZ8ytj1E3NF7grV_G99OxTyEcY71Tc46TOvzK_rzoyYYPk
$ export OAUTH_CLIENT_SECRET=1319558946720906100
$ export EMAIL_PASSWORD=youremailpassword

– On Windows:

$ set OAUTH_CLIENT_KEY=3MVM3_GuVCQ3gmEE5al72RmBfiAWhBX5O2wYc9zTZ8ytj1E3NF7grV_G99OxTyEcY71Tc46TOvzK_rzoyYYPk
$ set OAUTH_CLIENT_SECRET=1319558946720906100
$ set EMAIL_PASSWORD=youremailpassword

Build with:

$ mvn clean install

Then run it with:

$ java -jar target/dependency/webapp-runner.jar target/*.war


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