Salesforce Business Processes, Drivers and Solutions

Below is a very nice chart on the Salesforce Business Process, Drivers and Solutions that you can implement for each Business Driver.

Business Drivers Business Processes Sales Cloud Solution
Build Stronger Pipeline Lead generation Automated Lead Capture and Import
  Lead Qualification Lead Scoring & Routing, Lead Conversion, Alerts & Monitoring
Manage the funnel Sales Methodology Opportunity Management
  Visibility of Sales forecast Customizable Forecasting
Improve Sales Rep productivity Account and Contact Management 360 Degree View Approvals
  Activity Management Activity Sharing & Tracking
Drive more business Demand Generation Campaign Management Segmentation
  Search Marketing Website integration and Google Adwords
  Lead Handoff Feedback from Sales
Align Sales and Marketing Brand Management Email Templates, Communication
  Brand Collateral Management Collateral & Documents

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  1. mandeepdeka says:

    This is a very nicely laid out Business Process and Solutions for Salesforce Admins. Thanks. Really appreciable job. Keep posting.

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