Salesforce Step to migrating Data

Below is the primary steps that you can follow when migrating data into your Salesforce instance:

Step 1. Identify each data source

Step 2. Extract data into a staging area

Step 3. Define specific rules and criteria for:

a) Cleaning the data

b) Resolving duplicate data or any other errors

c) Assigning ownership of the data

Step 4. Execute data cleansing efforts as discussed above

Step 5. Create templates for loading the clean data

Step 6. Populate your templates with clean data

Step 7. Prior to loading your data, validate:

a) Data is clean

b) Record data are accurate

c) Turn off workflow and validation rules

Step 8. After each load, validate the data is correct. Load in the following order:

a) Load users

b) Add User IDs to Account file and load Accounts

c) Add User IDs and Account IDs to Contact file and load Contacts

d) Add User IDs and Account IDs to Opportunity field and load Opportunity

e) Add User IDs and Account IDs and Contact IDs to Case file and load Cases

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