Salesforce Reports and Analytics

Standard Report – out-of-the-box reports which may be used as a starting point for custom reports. Folders may be hidden but cannot be removed or deleted.

Reports Wizard – an easy-to-use, multi-step wizard used to create a custom report. The number of wizard steps depends on the Report Type selected.

Custom Reports –  created with you specific criteria, may be edited or deleted, can be searched for in Custom Report search.

Tabular Reports – provides a simple listing of data without subtotals. 

Summary Reports – provides a listing of data just like a Tabular report PLUS:

  • Sorting
  • Subtotals of data

Matrix Reports – summarizes data in a grid against horizontal and vertical criteria. The matrix report is used for comparing related totals, similar to a pivot table in Excel.

Export Report to Excel – 256 columns and 65,536 rows of data in one report.

Printing Report Results – Report format is lost when you export directly to Excel.

Scheduling and Email Reports – specify a running user, frequency and start and end date. The email contains: report information, link to reports, data in HTML that links back to Salesforce.

Data components – used in reports when selected groupings. Date values can be selected in Matrix and Summary reports when grouping.

Advance filer criteria – used in reports where and/or is used. Enables the usage of “and”, “or” and “not” operators. Use parentheses to specify calculation priority. Use up to 10 Advance filters per report.

Trend Reports – report opportunity history data by filtering on “as of” date. Between 2 “as of” dates specify the interval.

Charts – graphical representation of data of a single Summary or Matrix report. Types of charts can be:

  • Pie
  • Line
  • Horizontal or Vertical

Summary and Matrix charts can be grouped or stacked.

Relative dates are used in:

  • Views
  • Reports

which specify relative dates like: this/next month, this/next quarter.

Custom Report Types – allow users to create and customize reports using the report wizard. Custom reports are report types off the relationships (master-detail and lookup) to:

1. Choose standard and custom objects to display users creating and customizing reports.

2. Select object fields can be used as columns in reports

3. Define the relationships between objects displayed to the users creating and customizing reports

Conditional Highlighting – see the threshold for report analysis.

Custom Summary Formulas – Calculations on Summary fields.

Dashboard – is an visual representation of key business information that shows multiple reports. Dashboards are made up of Components that uses the matrix or summary reports as source. Refresh of Dashboard data can be scheduled, email to a dashboard is allowed.

Running User – allow users to view summarized data they might not normally have access to.

Dashboard Components – Chart, Table, Metric, Gauge.

Campaigns – specific marketing program or marketing tactic build to create awareness and generates leads.

Campaign Member – Lead or contact who is associated to the Campaign by responding to a campaign.

Anyone is your organization can view campaigns but they can only be edited, deleted or saved by marketing users with appropriate permissions.

Lead – is a prospective users that shows interest in your company by capturing all his information. Assigned ownership either manually or via assignment rule.

Contact – individual who is associated to an Account

Converting Leads – lead qualification depends on your organization specific business process. All the lead information is mapped to the appropriate business objects:

  • Account
  • Contact
  • Opportunity

Integrated Campaign Builder – cannot filter an campaign by more than one campaign at a time. The maximum leads that can be added at one time is 50 000 and with the wizard it is 250.

Campaign Hierarchy – view the entire hierarchy of campaigns

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