Salesforce Data Validation

Data Validation – gives Administrators an easy way to ensure the integrity of data BEFORE it is saved in Salesforce. It includes:

  • Build Data Validation Rules
  • Setting the required and/or unique property on custom fields

Data Validation rules includes – Boolean formula on entire records and prove user defined error message. It executes when:

  • A users saves a record
  • Before a record are imported using Data Loader or API
No data validation on: Forecasts and Territories.
Data Validation with lead conversion – data validation during lead conversion.
Data Validation Solves following problems – makes fields conditionally required, prevent close date prior to end date, discount cannot exceed x%, total number of hours does not exceed 60.
Design Methadology
  1. Define business requirements
  2. Define requirements into logical equation with error condition and error message.
Required and Unique Properties – universally required field is a custom field that must have a value whenever a record is saved within Salesforce. Properties is available for custom fields but not standard fields. Applied at data model level rather than at individual page layout level.
Unique Property Details – is a field which doesn’t allow duplicate values. Available for custom fields not standard fields. An error message will display if data violates the unique constraint.  For Text and Text Area you can specify case sensitive options with the Unique Property.



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