Salesforce Data Utilities

Data Migration Tools:

  • Via Application
  • Via AppExchange API

both uses AppExchange Web Service API.

Import Wizard – is an easy to use multi-step wizard for importing new Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Custom Objects or Solutions. A CSV file is required using Import Wizard where values are separated by commas. One unique unit of related information is a row of data in a table or spreadsheet.

External ID – is a flag on any custom field of type: Text, Number or Email. Why is External ID important:

  • Increase report and API SOQL performance. Allowing customers to use the record ID from any external system like the salesforce ID in Import and the new API.
  • Imports support external ID field that can be used to load and/or synchronize data sourced in external systems. This can be used to track migration data and run validation tests before going live.

External ID are CASE SENSITIVE and contains 3 ID fields per object and is used for CUSTOM fields only.

Import Wizard imports only data, objects and fields must be created first. Only available as System Administrator. Loading of multiple record types requires file chunking. Will not prevent invalid values into a picklist field. Data Loader – is an custom build application for bulk import or exporting of data. It is used to: insert, update, delete or extract or upsert Salesforce records. Can move data in or out any object. Permission – “Modify All Data” permission is needed to access the page to download Data Loader. Data Loader Features: support large file up to millions of rows, drag and drop field mapping, support all objects include custom objects, detailed success and error log files in CSV format, CSV file viewer.

When to use Data Loader:

  • 50 000 or more records
  • load to object not supported by web-based importing
  • schedule regular data loads
  • save multiple mapping files for later use
  • export data for backup purpose

Use web-based import when:

  • < 50 000 records
  • object supported by web-based import wizard
  • Prevent duplicates by uploading records according to account name and site, contact email address, or lead email address.

Recycle Bin – holds deleted data for 30 days. Data can be recovered during this time period and is not counting against storage limit.

Salesforce Edition Data Storage Minimum per Organization File Storage Minimum per Organization Storage Allocation Per User License
Personal 20 MB (approximately 10,000 records) 20 MB N/A
Contact Manager 1 GB 11 GB 20 MB of data storage and 612 MB of file storage
Group 1 GB 11 GB 20 MB of data storage and 612 MB of file storage
Professional 1 GB 11 GB 20 MB of data storage and 612 MB of file storage
Enterprise 1 GB, plus 5 MB for each Gold Partner license 11 GB 20 MB of data storage and 612 MB of file storage
Unlimited 1 GB, plus 5 MB for each Gold Partner license 11 GB 120 MB of data storage and 612 MB of file storage
Developer 5 MB 20 MB N/A

File Storage = Attachements, Documents, Salesforce Content Objects

Data Storage = All other records


  1. Now You can load from multiple CSV / Delimited Text files and change destination table names.

    You can also Save and Schedule Sessions and Data Loader, Scheduler will automatically executes sessions at your specified date and time.

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