Salesforce User Interface Settings

Related List Hover Links –  Allow users to access related list information without scrolling down the detail page.

Lookup Hovers – Hover over lookup field on a detail page for a quick view of most important details without clicking

Recent item hovers – Hovers over a recent item in the side bar for a quick view of the most important details without clicking.

Recent Item Hovers and Lookup Hovers both use the record mini-page layout.

List View Enhancements – offers tools to quickly display and customize lists of records imperative for their day-to-day work routine.

Multi-task event and task hovers – has a start and end time, includes days and times. All day event boxes has been added.

Public tagging – creating tags that are shared publicly to all users in the organization. Users share critical information across the user base. Searching for public tags from the sidebar and advance search.

Personal tags – personal tags are personal an not shared.

Inline editing – hover -> click -> type -> enter

Inline edit for all objects but: Documents and Forecasts

Inline fields not supported: System Fields, Calculate Fields, Read-Only Fields and “Special” Fields.

Floating Column Report Header – for tabular headers let you scroll through the report and keep your column header on each page.

Configure Search Setting for Organizations –  Enable Object -Drop Down list from Sidebar Search, Enable “Limit to item I own” checkbox or number of search results per object.


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