Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam Preparation ADM201

Overview of Saleforce

Cloud computing benefits:

Multi tenancy

  • Automatic Upgrades
  • Pay as you go

Real time, Faster

Cloud1 à Cloud2

Sales Cloud + Service Cloud + appexchange runs on platform runs the database for open cloud platform

Business Analyst à Appforce + Siteforce

Professional Developer à VMforce + Heroku

Salesforce chatter real time chatter app

  • Profiles
  • Status Updates
  • Groups
  • File Sharing
  • App Updates
  • Feeds
  • Security Sharing Model
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Mobile
  • AppExchange

Salesforce Chatter:

Helps collaborate with coworkers. Provides ease and familiarity of social network interface. Allow users to follow:

  • People
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Records

Chatter uses the Salesforce security model.  Enables a licensed Salesforce user to invite non licensed colleagues to join Chatter.

Chatter is not available for IE6 users.

Sales Cloud is the sales application that provides tools to improve visibility, build strong relationships and other close more deals.

Service Cloud

Service Cloud bridges the gap between the call centre, customer self service and social Web.

Knowledge is the core of the service cloud-  help provide customer queries through the knowledge technologies. Agent and collaborate using Chatter to ensure that they are up to date on knowledge activities. Comprehensive knowledge base where you can create and manage content know as article. Provides questions to all channels.

Chatter for cases to collaborate on cases to close.

Customers can use emails to log cases

Online help through live agent functionality. Less agents to lower time.

Contracts and entitlements for each customer to lookup customers and their specific contract.

Call Scripting – easy to use graphical tool help you define and implement every process from call, scripting to returns to case resolution.

Self service communication – integrate with twitter or facebook

Partners – share cases and solutions across partner networks.

Google search from salesforce knowledge base.

Social Monitoring – join conversation.

Real time reports and dashboards

Identity Confirmation

Identity Confirmation uses two approaches to validate IP addresses of computers:

  • Computer activation
    • Feature allowing an end user to activate additional IP addresses to access Salesforce CRM
    • Only needed when IP address cannot be identified
    • Trusted IP ranges
      • List of IP ranges for activating accessing Salesforce CRM
      • Used together with browser cookie to identity regular Salesforce CRM users.

Computer Activation

  • Web Client
    • Any computer to access Salesforce through web interface
    • API (Application Program Interface) client
      • Any computer through API eg:
        • Connect for Outlook
        • Connect for Lotus Notes
        • Offline Edition
        • Office Edition
        • Data Loader
  • When accessing Salesforce from another PC first need to activate the PC. Click ‘Send Activation’ an email is sent to your email. Click or copy the activation Link.

Setup User Interface

Inline editing is not enabled by default

Configure Chatter by enabling the new User Interface Theme

Show/Hide Sidebar on each page

Allow users to activate enhanced list views and inline editing.

Configuring Chatter

Step 1: Customize à Chatter à Settings à Edit

Step 2: Enable Chatter checkbox in Global Search

Step 3: Enable email notification and reply

Step 4: Open corporate Salesforce invitation

Enable Feed Tracking

Records and fields user have to follow, also feed tracking for reports and dashboards.

Add Chatter related tabs to other applications.

Starting a conversation

See chatter feed clicking My Profile.

Following the interactive ‘What to do next’ links to complete their profile

Two search options available

  • Sidebar search
    • Available and visible when chatter feature is not enabled
    • Performs phrase search, matching words in exact sequence
    • Global search
      • Available and visible when chatter feature is enabled
      • Search for more records and fields, Chatter feeds, groups and people
      • Treats search items as separate words
      • Available as header search box in UI and Setup pages

Types of Hovers

  • Related Lists Hover
    • See related list data. Hover on link and open detailed list of data.
    • Enabled by default in: Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited edition and Developer Edition
    • Recent items Hover
      • View details of a recent item in the sidebar
      • Use the record mini-layout
      • Look up
        • View details of look up fields on detail page
        • Use record mini-layout
        • Multi-day events
        • Task hovers
          • View Tasks in My Task list
          • Review task details without going to detail page

Enhanced List Views

Click Enhanched List Views

List views allow:

  • Create new records
  • Following records
  • Editing multiple records

Enhanced list views include:

  • Drag and drop columns
  • Record count display
  • Jump-to-page
  • Inline test editing
  • View recent Chatter feeds

Print list view

Enable Print list by enabling the print list view

Max printable views à 1000 records

Export to excel is not available for printable lists

Inline editing

Quickly update

Inline Editing exceptions

Inline editing does not provide the following feature:

  • Related Lists
  • Report Results
  • Search Results
  • Accessibility Mode

Inline does not support the following fields:

  • System fields, such as Greated By and Last Modified
  • Calculated Fields, such as Formula, Autonumber, and Roll-up Summary
  • Read-Only fields because FLS or Page Layout
  • Special Fields like Owner and Record Type

Inline editing for all detail pages except:

  • Documents
  • Forecasts

Configure user search settings by configuring Search Settings page. These settings allow you to configure the behavior of your sidebar or global searched selecting checkbox and modifying it.

Cloud Scheduler

Using the Cloud Scheduler user can:

  • Request meeting
  • Propose up to five meeting times
  • Let propose meeting times
  • Send branded email invitation

Add or Remove Button to remove or add the new meeting request.

Customize activity settings to show requested meeting in calendar section.

Company Profile

Profile Components

  • Administrative
  • General
  • Object permission
  • Tabs
  • Page layouts
  • Custom apps
  • Record apps
  • Record types
  • Field level security
  • Desktop integration clients
  • Apex class permissions
  • Login

Profile components, organizational sharing model and role hierarchy work together.

Administrative, General and Object permission are used for:

  • Administration
  • General
  • Object

Tab settings – which tabs can be viewed

Page layout – define pages seen by user

Custom App – Standard and custom apps viewed by user

Record Type – define record types available for users EE/UE

Profile Components – field – level security setting restrictions access to the fields that can be viewed or edited.

Desktop integration client – define the desktop client that are accessible to users and the automated notifications for updates.

Apex class – permission allow selected users to execute methods in a Apex class based on their profile.

Login hours – specify the login hours and login IP ranges for EE/EU



Standard Object permission specifies the level of access permission on different objects.

Read ­– only read records

Create – read and create records

Edit – read and update records

Delete – read edit and delete records


Tab Settings

Tab Hidden – Hide tab and user cannot display it back

Default on – Display tab by default

Default Off – Hide tab by default, user assigned to profile can turn tab on.

API Enabled disable to not send outbound messages

Deselect Mass email and overwrite email

Assign profile to user.

Enhanced profile management

Enhance profile management features:

  • Create list of profiles
  • Help compare profile settings, and create, edit and delete custom list views
  • Print lists of profiles
  • Load up to 2000 profiles and mass updates
  • Help updates among multiple profiles
  • Reduces administrative overhead
  • Save configuration times
  • Increase visibility and granular control over profiles

Predefined fields

Standards fields – cannot be deleted but can be removed from page layout.

Check Object Name

Perform check after renaming tabs, objects or fields. It still displays the original name. You need to change the reference to the customized object manually for the following objects:

  • View names
  • Report names
  • Email description
  • Custom fields
  • Page layouts
  • Record types

Limitations: Some standard fields like: Modified by and Created By cannot be renamed cause they track system information.

Data loss in custom field

Number à Char

If Data is loss it deletes the list view and assignment and escalation rules are affected.

Dependent Picklists

Helps you make data more accurate and consistent by applying filters

Dependent and controlling picklists works in conjunction with each other

Value chosen in the controlling picklist effects the values available in its dependent picklist.

Both controlling and dependent picklists are indicated on edit pages by an icon. Hover over the icon to display its name.

Limits on Picklist Levels:

  • Following standard picklists cannot be controlling fields:
    • Salutation, Currency, Locale, Language, Subject, Type and Show As.
    • Dependent types use record type picklist filtering
    • There are no number on the number of dependency level but each level is just filtered by its direct parent and not grandparents.
    • Controlling picklist can have a maximum of 300 values.

Limits on Picklist Values:

Picklist has at least one value

Dependent picklists cannot have default values

If standard controlling field relies on functionality that your organization decides to disable the dependency rule for the field will go away.

Field Type Controlling Field Dependent Field
Standard Picklist Yes No
Custom Picklist Yes Yes
Custom Multi-select No Yes
Standard Checkbox Yes No
Custom Checkbox Yes No


Lookup fields

Link two different objects (custom or standard)

  • No effect on record deletion, ownership or security

Self linking – linking custom object to itself.

Create Lookup:

Define Data Type: Lookup Relationship

Select Field Level Security and Page layout

Lookup Limitations – Max 25 custom look field allowed. Count to 500 custom objects fields

Lookup relationships can be created between:

  • Standard to Standard objects
  • Custom to custom objects
  • Standard or custom objects

Create lookup relationship between custom objects adds a new report type to the Report Wizard

Create lookup relations to the following:

  • To users but not from them
  • From opportunity products but not to them

Lookup relationships between standard objects are available on:

  • Accounts
  • Person Accounts
  • Assets
  • Campaigns
  • Cases
  • Contacts
  • Contracts
  • Leads
  • Opportunity
  • Products
  • Solutions

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