WebSphere Business Modeler Process Execution Environment

Below is the script to verify your WebSphere Business Monitor Model with WPS, WebSphere Business Monitor and WebSphere Business Space:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>

<rest:serverConfiguration xmlns:rest=”http://rest.dtd.btools.ibm.com&#8221;
name=”Test server with monitoring”

Managed deployment environment with WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere Business Monitor

This is a template for the managed deployment server configuration.
The host variable represents the host domain name for the server component.
For a secured connection, the port number is the HTTPS Transport Secure Port
(WC_defaulthost_secure). By default, this port number is 9443.
For more information about specifying the content of this configuration file,
see step 2 of the “Setting up a server configuration file” topic.

name=”WebSphere Process Server server”

name=”Business Space server”

name=”WebSphere Business Monitor server”


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