Last Day at IBM South Africa

Today is officially my last day at IBM South Africa and I thank all the IBM’ers that I had chance to meet from around the world. It was an amazing three and a half years from graduate to Certified IT Specialist. Long nights and big projects was a great learning curve for my career. One think IBM really taught me was to THINK, think outside the box,think big, think smart and think that anythink can be done.

I am starting a new position at Accenture South Africa as an System Integration Specialist. I will still be posting interesting topics and will keep my avid readers up to date on the latest in WebSphere.

5 thoughts on “Last Day at IBM South Africa

  1. Hi Thys, good luck with your new career at Accenture! Your blog posts have always been very interesting!

  2. Thys, all the best for your future! Please keep using and writing about WebSphere đŸ™‚
    Your knowledge is tremendous and invaluable. Keep it up.

  3. Hey Thys, i read all ur post regarding Datapower… helps me alot to understand the subject.Thanx a lot.

  4. I’m very glad I could assist Ankita. Please let me know if you need any assistance.

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