Datapower FTP file rename

Create a FTP FSH Poller and create a Processing File Rename Pattern:

Specify the PCRE to use to rename a file that is being processed in the Processing File Renaming Pattern field. This functionality allows multiple poller objects to poll the same directory with the same match pattern. There is no lack of atomicity if the rename operation on the server is atomic. The poller that succeeds in renaming the input file will proceed to process the file. Any other poller that tries to rename the file at the same time will fail to rename the file and will proceed to try the next file that matches the specified match pattern.

To ensure uniqueness, the resulting file name will be in the following format:



The file name for the renamed input file.
The serial number of the configured DataPower appliance.
The domain of the polling object.
The name of the polling object.
The timestamp.

File renaming cannot be used with an FTP server that supports only 8.3 file names.

For example if the input files are NNNNNN.input and you want to rename them to NNNNNN.processing, then the match pattern would be ([0-9] {6})\.input$ and the processing pattern would be $1.processing. The resultant file name of the server would be:

If no processing rename pattern is configured, the file will still be renamed. The only difference is that the filename portion of the resulting file is the name of the original input file, not the renamed input file.

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