Websphere Extreme Scale Session Management Configuration

After installing WebSphere Extreme Scale in the same directory as your current WAS instance and augmenting all the relevant profile you will be able to setup Session Management using Websphere Extreme Scale or Datapower XC10. In this post I will be selecting Extreme Scale software edition.

Step 1: Access your WebSphere Application Server and navigate to your installed application. Naviagte to the Web Module Properties -> Session management

Step 2: Navigate to Additional Properties -> eXtreme Scale session management settings

Step 3: Enable Session Management Check box and select Embedded eXtreme Scale grid as the session persistence:

Step 4: Now that extreme scale session is enabled enable monitoring to see eXtreme Scale in action. Navigate to your server instance (server1) and click on Performance Monitoring Infrastructure -> Custom Monitoring level and open ObjectGrid Maps and enable all.

Step 5: Start Monitoring by Navigating to Tivoli Performance Viewer, select server instance and click on Start Monitoring

Step 6: Hit your application a few times to see eXtreme Scale in action, see that session of each execution of application is saved in the grid.

Alternatively look in the SystemLog.out of your application Server for “Using the ObjectGrid based Session Manager:”

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