File Transfer Integration Flow With Websphere Cast Iron V6

I had a great comment from Shashi Kiran on my blog that my previous post on File Transfer with Cast Iron was outdated as the new version of Cast Iron V6 changes the way some configurations when an integration flow is created.

The following is what we want to achieve:

Step 1: When I click on “Select Inputs”, another popup  appears.

Step 2. Clicked on “Data”

Step 3. I had to drag /draw a line from “From” to “to”  for the green line to appear. ( I have to make some sort of a relation I think )

Step 4. Click on Run Test, and then this is where I am lost ! It asks for the test data file and when I enter the data file., it comes back as “Could not process file due to the following error. Content is not allowed in Prolog.”

Above is the new Cast Iron V6 config that Shashi Kiran shared with me, many thanks mate and I know the community appreciate your input.


  1. I get here from yahoo, but unfortunately I’m not found what I was seeing for. But this is a great post. Regards for this post, I am a big fan of this internet site would like to go along updated. Thx!

  2. Neida says:

    Saved, I love your blog! 🙂

  3. Chris says:


    Great post – I noticed that you see a “Could not process file due to the following error. Content is not allowed in Prolog.”

    I have had this in other XML files and I get it when there is either data before the XML document type declaration OR if there are Linefeeds in the XML (HEX 0A). Sorting these two things has helped me to get my XML files to parse.

    Thought it was worth sharing with the community.


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