Datapower Key Functions for PCI Complaince

Datapower Key Functionality is integral in satisfying some requirements of PCI Compliance.  Below we will be look at there functionalities in more details:

PCI Requirement 1:

Datapower Functionality:

  • Web Service (XML): Filter on any content, metadata or network variables
  • Web Application Firewall: HTTP Protocol Filtering, Threat Protection, Cooking Handling
  • Data Validation: Approve incoming/outgoing Web traffic, Web Services, XML at wirespeed

PCI Requirement 3 and 4:

Datapower Functionality:

  • Field Level Security: WS-Security, encrypt & sign individual fields, non-repudiation
  • Encryption of transport layer: HTTP, HTTPS, SSL.

PCI Requirement 5:

Datapower Functionality:

  • Ani-Virus Protection: Message and attachments checked for viruses, integrates with corporate

PCI Requirement 7,8,9:

Datapower Functionality:

  • XML Web Services Access Control/AAA

PCI Requirement 10:

Datapower Functionality

  • Management and Logging

PCI Requirement 12:

Datapower Functionality

  • Security Policy Management
  • Easy Configuration & Management


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