WebSphere Transformation Extender DB2 insert

WebSphere Transformation Extender can be used to insert transformed data into a Database in this case I used DB2. Below is the steps to follow to do a DB2 Insert into WTX:

Step 1: Open WebSphere Transformation Extender Database Interface Designer. Select New to create a new Database Query File. Right Click on Databases to specify all the parameters to connect to your database, specify a data source and specify username and password of database:

Step 2: Right click on your newly created Data Source and Select: Generate Tree From -> Table

Step 3: Select the table you want to Generate a Type Tree for to do the insert

Step 4: Add this newly created Type Tree to your WTX Design Studio as an input card. Add the following tree called DB2load.mtt as your output Card.

Step 5: Complete your Output Card with all the necessary DB2 parameters and fields by dragging and dropping the from input card to output card:

Step 6: Run and compile your map, make sure all the database parameters are set and DB2 has started successfully.


  1. al88ch says:

    Hi, I tried to do the same but im getting TARGET not found.

    please advice

  2. Prasanthi says:


    Is there any possibility to get insert statements from the existing map?
    I mean does WTX generate insert statements and store somewhere internally?

    Thanks in advance

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