Web Services Governance Enforcement with WebSphere Datapower and WebSphere Registry and Repository

Service Governance has become a main focus of many companies in securing Web Services. IBM Websphere stack of software and appliance provide customers with easy way to enforce governance in an centralized Registry and Repository. Below is an example of how web services governance can be enforce using WSRR and Datapower.

Prerequisite for this is that you have a working Web Service Application created and WSDL created for the specific Web Service.

Step 1: Import your WSDL into WebSphere Registry and Repository

Step 2: Open the uploaded WSDL to see all services listed, namespace and name of service

Step 3: Create Datapower Web Services Proxy

Step 4: Create a Front Side Handler

Remember to select GET method.

Step 5: Import WSDL into SOAP

Step 6: Set up SLM to protect WebSphere Application Server from to high TPS.

Step 7: Send multiple request with SOAPUI to test SLM

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