WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition – Definition File

FTE Definition File Transfer

Transfer definition files enable the creation of complex transfer requests. The transfer definition file is a XML file that describes the source and destination directories or files or datasets.

Step 1: Create a Definition Transfer File (below is an example):

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>




<item checksumMethod=”none” mode=”text”>

<source recursive=”false” disposition=”leave”>



<destination type=”directory” exist=”overwrite”>




<item checksumMethod=”none” mode=”binary”>

<source recursive=”false” disposition=”leave”>



<destination type=”directory” exist=”overwrite”>





Step 2: fteCreateTransfer -sa AGT1WIN -da AGT1LIN -dm QM_AGENTHOST2 -td E:\student\GroupTransferSpecification.xml

– sa is the source agent name

-da is the destination agent name

-dm is the destination Queue Manager

-td is the XML Definition File

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