Datapower Eclipse Plugin Tutorial

Datapower Eclipse Plugin Tutorial Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Login into your Datapower WebGui and navigate to System->System Control -> Generate Device Certificate. Enter a CN name and click the ‘Generate Device Certificate’ button.

Step 2: Navigate to Administration-> File Management and open the Temporary folder to download your device certificate (.pem). Download by right-clicking the link and selecting ‘Save As’

Step 3: Add your device certificate to you Java keystore with the following command:

Step 4: Open Eclipse and copy the Datapower plugin to the eclipse dropins folder (eclipse/dropins). It will contain 2 folders: features, plugins.

Step 5: Open Eclipse and add a new Datapower appliance by clicking the + button and entering Datapower Host Name, SOAP Port, Username and Password (user must have access to that port).

After Successful connection right click on the DP IP address in the Device Management window and click ‘Connect’.  A SOAP request will be made to Datapower which can take a few seconds to load. The following windows confirms a successful connection:

9 thoughts on “Datapower Eclipse Plugin Tutorial

  1. I cannot get Eclipse plugin datapower working. When I am trying to add device, I am getting error[updating version information – Error, Remote host closed connection during handshake]
    I imported cert from Datapower to Eclipse.

    I notice Window ->preferences->Datapower coprocessor, Network setting on Enable SSL box is grgrayed out.

  2. Thanks Thys, now I get an error in the Management plugin saying:

    Error cause: IbmX509 KeyMAnagerFactory not available

    I’m running Java 6 both 64 and 32 bit on Windows which live in ProgramFiles and ProgramFiles (x86) respectively and have imported the root cert into both keystores but Eclipse says it’s using a different Java which is in C:\Windows\System32 and there is no keytool for that one although after checking, it’s the same 64 bit version as in ProgramFiles above

  3. I’m assuming you meant “not using the Sun JDK”

    Have installed the IBM Development Package for Eclipse, 32-bit Windows Version 3.0.0 with IBM SDK 6 which is set and used in the supplied eclipse.ini file and imported the root cert but it has no ./dropins folder and it won’t work when I put them in the ./plugins folder?!

  4. Yes sorry not using Sun SDK but* IBM SDK*. Open Eclipse. Navigate to -> Help -> Install New Software -> Add -> Archive. Browse for the Datapower plugin zip file.And change your perspective to the Datapower and enter your Datapower IP, username and password. Make sure security is enabled for that user.

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