Create DB2 Data Source for WebSphere Application Server

How to create a DB2 Data Source for Websphere Application Server:

Step 1: Click on Resource -> JDBC -> JDBC Provider -> New

Confirm that the scope of the JDBC Connection is correct -> Node level.

Step 2: Complete the JDBC Provider Fields.

  • Database type : DB2
  • Provider type: DB2 Universal JDBC Driver Provider
  • Implementation Type: XA data source
  • Name: DB2 Universal JDBC Driver Provider (XA)

Click Next to complete the next step. Specify the class path to DB2, which will be at C:\IBM\SQLLIB\java

Step 3: Click Finish and confirm JDBC Provider was successfully created. Next step is to create the Data Source. Click on the new JDBC Provider and click on ‘Data Source’ and select ‘New’ to create a new Data Source. Below is the information that needs to be completed.

Confirm DB2 Server and Database in DB2 Explorer

Step 4: Create JAAS – J2C authentication Data specifying DB2 username and password for Container Connection:

Step 5: Select newly created container managed authentication alias

Click Next and Finish.

Step 6. Test Data Source Connection. Select Data Source and click ‘Test Connection’ button. Confirm connection was successful else check all fields.

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  1. Estee says:


    My name is Esther.
    Am new to websphere but i need it for tivoli service request manager .
    Please can you help me out with the solution to the following websphere Application server?

    After installing websphere server and creating the profile during installation,Its start up automatically from the windows service.if i stop it and try to start it using commands from the profile directory on the server its gives error saying that the profile is configured to start using windows services.even with the service on if i try to log on to the console usinf wasadmin and its password its says username or password not correct.please help.thanks

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