WebSphere Datapower Failover Considerations

Below is the following Datapower Considerations:

Consideration 1:

The active appliance owns VIP 1 with high priority. Upon failover, standby appliance assumes VIP 1 traffic.

Consideration 2:

Load Balancer is used to spray traffic across VIP 1 and VIP 2. Upon failure the active appliance assumes the failed VIP.

Consideration 3:

Using multi-box management utility like WAS 7 Admin to push the configuration to Master appliance. Configuration changes propagate automatically to any Slave appliance.

2 thoughts on “WebSphere Datapower Failover Considerations

  1. sorry there are typo in the last post….

    Hi, In consideration 2, can we configure the 2 VIPs on the same physical port? Thanks.

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