WebSpher MQ File Transfer Coordinator Setup

Below is the steps needed to setup the WMQ FTE Coordinator after installation of WMQ FTE:
(Execute the following command in the \WMQFTE\tools\bin folder)

1. fteSetupCoordination –coordinationQMgr QM_COORD1
Where QM_COORD1 is the name of the Coordination Queue created during installation of WMQ FTE

After successful execution of the command confirm the following file was created under: \WMQFTE\config\wmqfte.properties. This properties file contains the name of the queue manager coordinator.

Navigate now to \WMQFTE\config\QM_COORD1\QM_COORD1.mqsc, explained below:

The fteSetupCoordination command creates a WebSphere MQ script command (MQSC) file that can be used to create the WebSphere MQ objects needed by the WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition coordinator. It also creates an entry in the file system of the machine where the WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition coordinator will run. During the install of WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition this directory is identified. This separates the product binaries from the configuration information.

2. Run the following command to create all the queues and topics for MQFTE:
runmqsc QM_COORD1  < “D:\Applications\Application Data\IBM\WMQFTE\config\QM_COORD1\QM_COORD1.mqsc”

(Remember to add the double quotes around the file name)

3. Start MQ Explorer

Under ‘Manage File Transfer’ right click on QM_COORD1 (your Coordination QM) and click ‘Connect’

Now you are ready to create agents and start sending files.

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