Migrate from WebSphere Edge Component to WebSphere Datapower AO Feature for Load Balancing of WebSphere Application Server

Migrating from Websphere Edge Component can be done as a parallel migration where Datapower Application Optimization feature are configured for testing to take over load balancing to back-end WAS environments.

If you currently have Websphere Edge Component installed as your load balance to WAS create a new (dummy) VIP to configure Websphere Datapower AO feature. The architecture will look like the following:

After initial testing was successful with the Datapower AO feature uninstall Websphere Edge and Reconfigure Datapower AO feature with VIP of Websphere Edge Component.

Uninstall Websphere Edge Componenent:

Step 1: Stop Edge Load Balancer:

Run the following commands in the order to stop the Load Balancer.

dscontrol advisor stop
dscontrol manager stop
dscontrol executor stop
dsserver stop

To uninstall the entire product, enter the following command:

installp -u ibmulb

Final architecture will look like the following:

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