Insert row DB2 with Websphere Cast Iron

How to insert a row into DB2 using Websphere Cast Iron.

Step 1: Create an DB2 Endpoint by specifying the following information:

  • DB2 Database Name
  • DB2 Host Name
  • DB2 Port Number
  • DB2 Username
  • DB2 Password

Please make sure that the Cast Iron appliance or Virtual image has rights to insert a row onto DB2. This can be done by specifying the Privileges in the DB2 Control Centre.

Step 2: Test the connection to verify all information is correct.

Step 3: Create your integration flow

Step 4: Specify the DB2 Endpoint created in Step 1 and select the table and row you want the data to be inserted into

Step 5: Create the input and output maps for both activities

Step 6: Verify and test the flow.

This flow will update a website that is located in a cloud environment (like Amazon EC2) and updated an on-premise DB2 instance.

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