Websphere Transformation Extender Launcher Monitor and Management Console

After you have created your WTX Launcher project as seen in the previous post you can get more information on your transformation in the Management Console in a text based interface and Launcher Monitor in a graphical interface.

Setup the Management Console setup:

1. Open the Management Console and Click on Launcher New, complete the following fields:

– Launcher Name :  a descriptive name for your Launcher.

– Host name: host name where your WTX launcher is running

– Login Name: the name of the Access User you created in the WTX Launcher Administration (make sure that the user has Granted access)

– Password: password for the User

2. Right click on the new Launcher you have created and click -> Connect

This is the information after I have completed 21 transformations

There is more information that can be retrieved looking at the Status, History and Configuration tabs.

Setup the Launcher Monitor

1. Open the Launcher Monitor click on Options->Select Launcher

2. Select the Appropriate Launcher by Name

3. Provide the Login Username and Password as specified in the Management Console.

4. Click on Connect to verify that the connection is valid and it will show the System Name and System File Name.

5. Click on OK and the following view can be seen as maps are being transformed.

So the small red dots show unsuccessful maps and green dots show successful maps transformed.

You can set up different colours for: Map Warnings, Map Error, Map Success and Map in Progress.

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