Install Websphere Message Broker V7 on AIX

Install Websphere Message Broker V7 on AIX:

FTP all the relevant files to your AIX machine, this software includes:

1. Websphere MQ for AIX

2. Websphere Message Broker for AIX

Websphere MQ must first be installed before attempting to install WMB as WMB requires lib files from MQ.

Step 1: Open a command window and extract Websphere MQ, next run: sudo smitty

Step 2: Define the file path location of MQ for AIX: /installs/WebsphereMQ

Step 3: Define the “ALL” software needs to be installed and change the license agreement to “YES”

Step 4: Successful install of Websphere MQ

Install Webphere Message Broker:

Step 1: Open command line and navigate to the messagebroker1_runtime folder

Step 2: Run the following commnad: sudo ./setupaix -console

Step 3: Go through the Broker Wizard and confirm that Broker was installed successfully.

After installation navigate to: /opt/mqsi/7.0/bin

Run the following command: sudo ./ mqsicreatebroker WBRK_DEV -q WMQ_DEV

Confirm that broker has been created successfully.

Confirm that you MQ QueueManager listerner was created and started, if it was not started use the following command:

runmqlsr -t tcp -p 1414 -m WMQ_DEV

See link for more information:

Run the following command to start the broker: sudo ./mqsistart WBRK_DEV

Run the following command to see if broker and QM has started: sudo ./mqsilist

If all this has been done, add a remote broker definition to your Websphere Message Broker Toolkit and also a Remote Queue Manager to your Websphere MQ or Broker Explorer.

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